Working Choices, Inc.

Individual, Family, and Group Counseling

Serving the families of Washington State since 1986

Thank You to DCYF Administrators & Social Service Specialists for your service and Thank You for making Working Choices a trusted contractor of in-home counseling services these past 35 years. 

WCI has been grateful for this meaningful work bringing licensed, strength-based, solution-focused therapists, skilled in a variety of evidence-based parenting and clinical practices into the homes of DCYF referred families. 


We are grateful for the opportunity to have served and are proud of WCI’s contribution and the positive impact WCI Counselors have made on the lives of children and families in our community.  


Unfortunately, after a very challenging year, continued provision of the Combined In-Home Services is no longer feasible for WCI given the high risk related to COVID19 within our particular agency, in our particular County, and the related DCYF guidance regarding resuming in-home service provision during the pandemic. The profound impact of the pandemic on our agency will sadly necessitate WCI terminating its Combined In-Home Services contract.

As the Department is aware, WCI has not yet been able to resume its typical in-home service delivery since the Spring of 2020. We have likewise been unable to train or contract new clinicians, and with limitations to telehealth referrals, we have also been unable to fully utilize our available contracted therapists. Thankfully, each WCI contracted therapist will end their CIHS service having met and exceeded our commitment to the Department to provide the evidence-based practice for which they were trained.


After decades of ensuring a cultural and geographical diversity of experienced in-home clinician availability, we certainly understand and appreciate the need for and value of in-home services. We have always considered it an honor to be invited into a client’s home and we will surely miss engaging clients in this way.


The need for mental health counselors is unprecedented though, and WCI Clinicians remain passionate about continuing to be of service within in our communities. WCI’s diverse group of experienced, licensed and Telehealth-certified Counselors will continue to provide their Professional Services safely via their private practices.


WCI remains committed to the therapeutic relationship carefully established with every family we serve. As discussed with the Department, to avoid unnecessary service disruption for any active client, please know that services referred to WCI prior to May 31, 2021, will still be completed as planned & confirmed.


However, after May 31st, WCI will no longer be able to accept Combined In-Home service referrals (this includes FPS, Safe Care, PCIT, PPP, PFR or FFT). Please refer to your One-Stop Online Resource, Supervisor or Regional Manager for additional CIHS providers.


We cherish the learning, connections, and relationships we have cultivated over the years. We have loved collaborating with you for the benefit of children in our State. We wish you success as you continue to seek the very best in services and outcomes for families and we sincerely thank each of you for your continued service.


Most of all, we wish safety and good health to you, your families and those you serve.

With gratitude and respect,

Working Choices, WCI Clinicians & Support Staff

WCI is a proud member of Washington Association for Children & Families (WACF).  WACF is a growing association of large and small providers working toward a safer, happier future for the kids and families in our state. Together, we promote safety, permanency, advocacy and  well-being for children and families who are involved or at risk of involvement with the child welfare system. WACF informs and engages it’s members and partners with training, discussion forums, and advocacy.

To print a brochure, select a cover below (Available for DCYF referral thru 5/31/21):
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