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PARENTING ASSESSMENT:  An assessment which includes direct examination and interview of the parent and all children referred, including a minimum of one hour observation of the parent/child interaction. The assessment also includes a review of family and parenting history, (including questions about abuse, neglect, DV, and substance abuse); an examination of the parent’s attachment to the children, parenting & discipline skills, and ability to seek services for the child’s needs; and collateral contacts or record review. The contractor must also administer standardized, reliable, & validated measures of parenting skills, parenting stresses, and potential for abusive behavior.

$ 73.28


Hold a Master’s Degree in social work, psychology, counseling, nursing, education or a closely allied field; AND BE licensed as a Social Worker, Mental Health Counselor, or Marriage and Family Counselor (WAC246-809) by the state of Washington and/or the state in which services are to be provided; OR Licensed associate in the State of Washington and / or in the state in which services are to be provided. Licensed associates (RCW 18-225-145).

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