Eric is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the State of Washington and Nationally-Accredited and endorsed by the National Association of Social Workers in Washington DC. 


Mr. Larson’s experience spans  16 uninterrupted years of public sector investigation, security, case-management, crisis intervention, service delivery, assessment, advocacy, and  mental health treatment. In 2000, Eric started addressing the  needs of the most damaged, vulnerable and under-served populations in the State of Washington - ranging from vulnerable and developmentally-disabled adults, abused children, domestic violence victims, to marginalized immigrants. He endeavors to protect and empower the powerless, helpless, and invisible.


Eric is passionate in serving young, old, healthy and sick, and delivers through action. Besides working as a private investigator and licensed clinical social worker, he coaches youth indoor and outdoor soccer, baseball, and volunteers in the school classrooms of his two children.