About: Groups: DBT for Adults

Working Choices Master level therapists offer counseling in a group setting, providing group participants with an opportunity to learn new skills in an environment where they can practice and integrate new tools. 
In addition, groups offer a place for participants to connect with other people struggling in similar ways, develop social network and support systems in an  environment where they can model and see others model the skills they are learning.  Groups are a fun and affordable way to create positive changes.

Now Ongoing: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Based

Skill Building Group for Adults

Register anytime for nine Mondays 530 - 7pm

In Bellevue at Campus Office Park 1611 116th Ave NE

Working Choices, Inc., Master Level, DBT-trained therapists present a 9 week psycho-educational skill building group for adults (ages 18 and up). Groups provide participants with an opportunity to learn new skills and provide an environment where they can practice and effectively integrate these new tools
This DBT based skill building group is facilitated by a Licensed Master level Mental Health Counselor trained in Dialectal Behavioral Therapy. The fee for this 9 week group is $50 per week or $400 if paid in full. Upon request, a receipt may be furnished if you wish to seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Limited number of sliding scale slots available.

Core Mindfulness Skills
Participants will gain skills in balancing emotions, thoughts & behaviors, attending to feelings, events and triggers, developing awareness, insight and language to describe emotions, needs and appropriate boundaries.

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills
Participants will gain skills in interpersonal problem solving, developing effective strategies for identifying and meeting needs, maintaining relationships, resolving conflicts and enhancing social skills.

Emotion Regulation Skills
Participants will learn to identify and label emotions, self-soothe, regulate intense and distressing emotions, increase positive emotional events and develop effective action steps to dealing with painful emotions.

Distress Tolerance Skills
Participants will learn how to tolerate distressing emotions and events, survive crisis and gain skills for effectively creating desired change.

Call 425-822-8654 to register, or click here to email.