​Sarah Smith, LMFTA

After four years of volunteer work in orphanages and with street youth in developing countries, Sarah returned to the US to pursue a career in mental health counseling. Her passion for working with children, youth, and families and her multicultural experiences inform her counseling practice today. Sarah enjoys working with families from a variety of backgrounds and believes in collaborating with parents to provide the best possible outcomes.

“My goal is to provide compassionate, person-centered care by supporting clients to utilize their strengths to overcome the obstacles they are facing in life.”

Working with families experiencing poverty in a variety of cultures, a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and providing counseling to families in a community clinic have given Sarah a unique perspective on the systemic nature of everyday struggles and mental health concerns.

“I’ve learned the most from my clients. Each and every person I’ve worked with has taught me something from sharing their experience, and it is such a gift.”


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