Services Provided

Crisis Family Intervention (CFI)

Crisis Family Intervention (CFI) is an in-home crisis response and counseling service which allows up to 12 hours of family counseling within 45 days for families with adolescents exhibiting at risk or high risk behaviors.  The Working Choices CFI Counselor will make contact with the family within 24 hours and will be available to them for crisis management 24/7. Therapists will conduct an Assessment and Service Plan, provide you with weekly progress updates and a final Service Summary.  Clients referred for this service are often considering the At-Risk Youth petition.  CFI seeks to stabilize the family, provide parenting support, behavior modification and connect to needed ongoing resources or services. CFI is available in English, Spanish, or Russian/Ukrainian.

Family Functional Therapy (FFT)

FFT is an empirically-grounded, family-based intervention program for acting-out youth. A major goal of Functional Family Therapy is to improve family communication and support while decreasing the intense negativity so often characteristic of these families. Other goals include helping family members adopt positive solutions to family problems, and developing positive behavior change and parenting strategies.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

PCIT is an evidence-based Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.  Click here to learn more.

Promoting First Relationships (PFR)

PFR is an evidence-based program for new parents with children under the age of 5 years old.  This in-home service helps the parent recognize a child's basic need for safety, security, love and acceptance. Strengths-based video feedback empowers parent to read their children's cues and see how they are meeting their children's needs.

Positive Parent Program (PPP)

Triple P reduces problem behavior in children and improves parents well being and parenting skills. Click here to learn more about this evidence-based program that is #1 on the World Health Organization's list of parenting programs.  We have bi-lingual therapist available to assist in English, Spanish, Russian/Ukrainian, and Polish. 

Family Preservation Services (FPS)

FPS is an in-home counseling service focused on enhancing safety, stabilization, reunification and/or placement prevention.  24/7 support for families with children ages 0-17.  A Working Choices FPS therapist will make contact with the family within 24 hours, complete an Assessment & Service Plan, provide you with weekly progress updates, transition planning and a Service Summary.  This intervention is aimed at improving family functioning, enhancing parenting skills and supports, and confirming linkage to ongoing community resources. 

Typical intervention length is 3-4 months. FPS is available with English, Polish and Russian speaking therapists.

SafeCare (SC)

SafeCare is an evidence-based parenting curriculum for parents who are at risk of or have been reported for child maltreatment or neglect.

Parenting Assessment

WCI has a limited number of Parenting Assessors available, please call to determine current availability for Assessments.