WCI Parenting Assessments

To ensure that this service is delivered, as intended, please review the following information BEFORE you notify the client of their upcoming assessment:

  • ***SW: PLEASE PREPARE parent in advance to come prepared to follow all CDC guidelines & current laws pertaining to the COVID19 Virus. Clients MUST WEAR MASKS in order to complete any in person assessments. Failure to adhere to guidelines will result in immediate termination of session and an incomplete assessment report***

  • ***Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, TELEHEALTH or similar virtual communication, may be utilized for PAs to the extent necessary and allowed. This must be agreeable in advance to all parties involved. This is a temporary exception. Please plan to discuss & troubleshoot any needs related to technology prior to starting services. Please arrange for the (in-person) observation visit to occur near the end of the referral period, once any visitation restrictions have been lifted.***

  • Please Note: This is NOT an in-home Service. The client is expected to schedule and meet with the Professional in their office/setting. Parenting Assessments may be conducted at WCI or Clinicians office, DCYF or agreeable alternative location. 

  • The Parenting Assessor will attempt to reach the parent within 72hours of receiving the referral. The assessor will make no more than 3 attempts to reach the client to schedule. If the client does not respond within one week of the 3rd attempt, the referral will be closed and billed as efforts to engage were unsuccessful. 

  • Please stress to the client the importance of keeping their appointments. Urge them to call the assessor at least 24 hours in advance of their appointment to cancel and reschedule, if necessary.

  • If a client fails to keep an appointment, for any reason, they will have ONE opportunity to reschedule it. If unable to reschedule or keep the rescheduled appointment, the referral will be closed and a bill for costs incurred will be sent to the fiduciary.

  • Please provide as much information as possible up front about visitation, schedule, availability, and all contact information.

  • Please ensure that any collateral information/contacts to be considered for inclusion in the assessment are included at the time of initial referral. No late submissions will be accepted.

  • Please inform the client that interviewing collaterals can help provide more information about their parenting and encourage them to think ahead about who they may be willing to sign releases for the assessor to reach out to (friends, family, certificates for competed programs, compliance info, etc., not to exceed 25 pages).

  • Please limit collateral materials to 50 pages. Materials beyond 50 pages will not be reviewed unless additional hours are authorized to allow for their inclusion.

  • For assessments of a parent with more than one child, an additional “up to 5 hours” must be authorized on the referral for each additional child to allow for a unique assessment of the history, relationship, collaterals and recommendations as it pertains to the parenting of each child. An additional 50 pages of collateral information may be sent for each additional authorized child.

  • Client will be informed of all information provided & utilized to complete their assessment. Be prepared to share a copy of any collateral information with the client upon request as they have a right to this confidential HIPPA protected information. Client will be referred directly to the referring SW to obtain their copies.

  • There will be 2-3 face-to-face appointments (one is a parent-child observation). The parent-child observation shall occur within 45 days of the parent assessment interview, so please pre-arrange the visit/transportation, to ensure the observation can be completed. If the visit is not arranged within this period, either the referral will be closed, billed and submitted as “incomplete” due to lacking the observation session OR an additional 5 hours will be required in order to repeat the parent interview to ensure it is timely with the observation of parenting. 

  • All clients are oriented to the evaluation process at the initial appointment and are required to sign the clinician’s disclosure statement. If they are unable or unwilling to sign this necessary disclosure, the service cannot be provided and will not proceed.

  • Please inform clients in advance that any client who attends an appointment while appearing to be under the influence of drugs of any kind, will not be assessed or observed and you will be notified immediately either by phone or email. 

  • Clients in need of accommodations (i.e. interpreters, reading assistance, travel beyond testing site, etc.) may require additional paid hours. This includes any extensive Assessor communication required for the purpose of coordinating transportation/ schedules of multiple parties. 

  • Results are not usually available until 4 weeks after the last appointment. All evaluations are placed in the queue for finalizing of the report once all appointments are completed. Please allow a full 90 days for completion when considering when to refer.

  • Observation of the individual parent to be assessed is required. If the parent shares visitation, please plan accordingly to extend the visit time, if necessary, to ensure that the other parent’s observation session does not interfere with their rights to existing visitation. If all parties agree that an observation of both parents is indicated, to understand the co-parenting dynamic, then releases will need to be signed by both parents, and the identified parent will still need at least a 30-minute 1:1. Please prepare parents for any changes to their usual schedule so they may plan ahead and prepare their children for any changes of their anticipated visit. 

  • Assessments will Not be conducted with visitation supervisors or any other parties present in the room.


Thank you for reviewing these basics to help ensure that the Parenting Assessment process
is clearly understood and successfully completed by your client.

We look forward to providing this service and appreciate the opportunity to do so!

WCI Parenting Assessors